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Women and young girls need more leadership role models among themselves ...

For a long time, I have been researching and developing how women become leaders ... true leaders ... with a sense of warm humility, selfless patience with others, and listening to all those voices around ... in search for answers to personal, social and political problems happening in their lives ... as the leader works towards the solutions.

What does it take to be a genuine leader ? I had the opportunity of meeting some of the most remarkable women and filming their stories as they spoke ... and discovered some of the secrets of their overwhelming successes which are so rare and different from what it take a man to be a success !

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Hi Vinanti, That's wonderful..Their are so many who need help with finding their voice..which turns into their strength..if we can become a stepping stone and to start these remarkable Women to tell their stories it will hopefully cause a chain reaction..A stepping stone is first then running a race is next..
Do you feel similar? I had done an article on teenage suicide,trying to find an answer I scowered the web and found this fantastic teenage boy that made a video..An example of a voice..if you want to see it look on my member page and scroll to bottom to videos..the first post is on my article page..The reason why I am mentioning this because in my town just 4 days ago a highschool girl Hung herself..the reactions from this small community from friends to family have been I wish I could of...I should of spoke up for her and she would still be here..its tough when you feel you could of made a change..A voice perhaps..
Thanks for starting a great discussion..

Hi Stacie:

Thank you for your kind words on the discussion on leadership role models ... as a young girl I thank my mother's strong upbringing that gave me a "voice" early to complete college, refuse an arranged marriage and travel the world as a journalist ...  Not many women around the world can live their real dreams.

The video clip on the young lad is highly sensitive in the simple expression on his face ... as a filmmaker I love to capture the eyes - and you notice he does not look into the camera directly ... that is where one captures the hidden secrets of the soul. I work a great deal with young girls and boys when producing films ... because all they want is recognition ... respect ... a sense of pride of themsleves ... that someone cares to believe in them ... and they do everything in their power - make every large and smal efforts to prove themselves as genuine human being ... but so often they are taken advantage of ... and left in utter despair ... unable to understand what happened.

There was this young 19 year old scriptwriter with the most brilliant mind ... creative, exploring, discovering, daring ... and we worked on a beautiful script together where I gave 100 pages and complete freedom to adapt it ... and you should have seen the overwhelming creativity ... unfortunately Hollywood wanted it changed completely so we are still moving the script around ...

It is sad to share in your tragic encounter ... and learn about the high school girl ... but some may say ... it was the will of God ... but you and I know ...  it goes beyond that ... because she must have undergone terrible torment which had deeply affected her spirit and terrorized her mind to have undergoning the every thought of committing suicide.

But you should not take on the burden of her guilt ... it was her kismet to have undergone her tragic circumstances ... You stand guiltless .. as there was nothing anyone could have done ...

Your strength lies in your feelings ... your sensitivity towards the "other" and her passing moved you so  so deeply that you wished you could have done something, anything to have prevented the circumstances. 

A great deal of change is happening in society today ... and everyone is feeling the pressures of that unpredictable change - whether it be in technology, climate change, social and financial upheavals ... but we have to sit quiet and think of finding solutions ... no matter how simple or how daringly difficult.

I started this website VOICES OF WOMEN WORLDWIDE after seeing years of how women and young girls are manipulated by the media (buy buy buy ... fashions, diets, etc) and how mainstream media never explore the real reasons, but how to sensationalize everything simply to sell newspapers and magazines we read, the TV we watch, the movies we see.

VOICES OF WOMEN WORLDWIDE's theme is to give "voices to the voiceless" all those hundreds and thousands of women, young girls, children (domestic violence, sex and drug trafficking, etc) who never had a chance in their young lives ... We interview them - givng them voices to tell their stories worldwide via the Internet on WebTVs, radios and print journalism.  If you go to - oh, I just downloaded it for you.


Would love to read your article on teenage suicide ... the answer will come within you ... as you look more clearly at the world each day ... its all a matter of understanding that life is really very simple but that we have made it so complicated ... well, society has made it so complicated ... I believe in the simple life ... in humility and respect for all people and living beings around me with compassion and forgiveness in the heart.


that is beautiful...i have been on a journey to help others find their strength and voice...keeping journals  along the way from a very young age...some years back i hit my own struggles and am still trying to heal,in the past nine years my expierience made me a better writer,a better voice and more determined to set awareness..unfortunately my heart longs for better days..i know they will come..

i had a wonderful life for 30years,not perfect but i always say perfection does not exist in humanity..I am extremely greatful to have had serenity in my life..even then writing was a passion,my outlook on how others can find their voice..39 now and the one thing that remains the same are my opinions that i try to speak loudly..

Its been really nice having this conversation with you..I am going to go to your website and check it out,sounds wonderful..thanks,Stacie


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