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Texting is fast becoming a prime means of communication.  It only makes sense that it is also fast becoming a way to flirt and build up some pretty intense attraction with the men in your life.  It is the best dating tool right at your fingertips.  Before you engage in this flirty banter or texting and im games, it's best to know some of the basic rules.

I get asked a lot is it ok to text a guy first.  The answer as a rule is no, not unless you are in an established relationship.  If it is the first couple of months or dates or you haven't even been on a date yet, no do not text him first.  This is rule number one when it comes to texting guys.  It puts you in the role of the pursuer.  I hear it all the time, this is 2011.  Doesn't matter.  Boys will still be boys and they still enjoy the chase.  Time is not going to change what is born into them.

Rule two, if you text a guy and he doesn't respond, don't text him again and again.  It sends out signals of desperation and tells him you are more invested in him than he is in you.  My number one dating rule in all areas is never invest more into a man than he invests into you.  Mirror his level of commitment, especially in the first stages when you are getting to know one another.  It's doubtful that he didn't get your message or that he was busy and forgot to text you back.  Don't kid yourself.

It often pays off to sit on your fingers for a few days if he doesn't respond.  Men notice your absence.  He starts thinking, hmm, where did she go. He starts thinking maybe she isn't that interested after all, I better get busy and get her attention again.  It after a few days he still hasn't answered, chalk it up to perhaps he isn't that into you. 

Rule three with texting guys, don't engage in those all day texting marathons with a guy.  I know it's fun, I know it's exciting, but it's just a short term thrill.  You give him too much information and he won't be as compelled to make an effort to see you.  Cut the conversation off after a few texts. Be fun, flirty and light, but you are way too busy to be texting all day.  This actually acts to make a guy want to see you more.

The forth rule for texting guys is this.  Don't fall all over yourself to answer him.  If you answer within a minute or so, he knows you aren't busy and probably has a picture in his mind of you sitting by the phone.  This is not a picture you want in his imagination.  Wait a while, let him wonder.  I don't mean all day, but 15 minutes isn't going to kill you.  If you truly are busy, don't drop what you are doing, keep doing what you are doing and text him back when you can.  He isn't going to run off, meet someone else and get married in a couple of hours.

A man falls for a woman in his imagination, hence let his imagination do your work for you.  Be a bit mysterious, and evasive when he asks questions.  His imagination fills in the gaps and this works in your favor.  A man's imagination is where the attraction begins.  As a master texter, you can learn to engage that imagination and build up the attraction.  Texting guys is fun, and a great way to flirt with the men in your life.  It pays to do it right.







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